From the mining sector to construction, film, agriculture and any industry in between, if you use drones for business and operate with a commercial pilot’s licence, then iTOO’s Commercial Drone & Unmanned Aviation / iTOO’s Commercial Drone cover is just for you.

As a commercial operator, from a start-up to a multi-corporate, you will know that without comprehensive cover, even the slightest fault in flight path could lead to insurmountable claims. With iTOO you can take to the sky knowing you’re grounded by the best expertise in the industry.

Why get your Drones covered by iTOO?

When it comes to service and expertise, we soar.

We’re proudly the market leaders in drone insurance, having pioneered our country’s first commercial drone product. iTOO’s Commercial Drone & Unmanned Aviation / iTOO’s Commercial Drone Cover offers the only fully comprehensive package on the market. Our experts can insure against every risk from own damage and disappearance, to third party liability and personal accident. More and more commercial operators select iTOO because our specialist cover not only includes your drone and equipment but third party liability too. Our cover includes anything up to R2million and a weight of up to 30kg, with payouts based on the full replacement value of your drone or equipment.

We are different

As industry leading specialists we not only understand the various kinds of drones out there, but their use and relevance in their respective industries.

We also believe in keeping you informed, which is why it’s critically important to know the legislation around drone usage. Although you would have had to understand these restrictions to obtain your licence, staying up to date protects you from any unforeseen accidents, whilst also ensuring best business practice. Please visit the South African Civil Aviation Authority to see how legislation applies to you and your business.

Because we also understand the industry, we know that your flight path is not limited to local landscapes and is why our cover can be adapted to other countries, provided you have advised a broker and provided the relevant flight plans and travel details.

How to get cover

All iTOO business has to be done via independent brokers so please ask your broker to contact us if you would like to get a quote for your Commercial Drone cover. If you do not have a broker and would like us to recommend possible FAIS registered brokers trained in our products, please fill in your details on our Find a Broker page. If you are a broker and would like more detail about our cover, please contact one of our product experts, whose details can be found here.

Proposal Checklist

These are all the things you'll need to complete a Drones proposal form.

  • Drone model and type
  • RPL Pilot Licence number
  • Drone Registration Number
  • Drone Value & Liability Limit required

Forms & Downloads

Drones Proposal Form

For certified RPAS Operation companies and remote pilot licensed Operators.

How to claim

Should you suffer an incident, take a photo of the damaged drone or immediately appoint an aviation investigator should your drone get lost. Your broker will submit all the relevant information to us including logbooks, wind condition information and anything else we might require. If at any point we need to, we will appoint an aviation investigator to assist us with collating details. As per legislation, we also need to include the Civil Aviation Authority to assist with investigations and compile a report that will also be used in your claim. Alternatively send us an email detailing your claim as soon as you can and our claims department will contact you with the next steps.

You’re in the hands of an expert. You can always be assured of professionalism, quick turn around times and world-class technical knowledge. AND, we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

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Drones Contacts


What are different drones used for?

We have a good understanding of what different drones are designed and equipped for.

  • Fixed wings tend to be more expensive and are used for security and animal poaching, as they are designed to stay airborne for longer periods of time and can be fuelled by petrol.
  • Multi Rotordrones can get closer to a building or object for example and are used for mapping and surveying.