Event Liability

When it comes to Events Liability, we know there’s more than simple legal compliance on the line.

Reputation and financial survival are two cornerstones in any eventing, recreational or exhibition business. What can take years to build can instantaneously be demolished or cripple your growth for years to come. If you’re an expert at events, we’re the expert you can trust to cover them.

Why get your Event Liability covered by iTOO?

Service that makes all the difference. Expertise you can completely trust.

No matter how precise your risk management strategies are, anything, at any event can go wrong at any time. The Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act of 2010, makes it a legal requirement to have event liability cover in place for certain events. Simply put, without event cover, your event cannot take place. At iTOO we believe that because not all eventing companies or events are the same, our Events Liability team will offer you something unique, specially adapted to your needs whether you’re hosting a once-off event or frequent ones.

We are different

Our bespoke product allows for a claim to be made for an incident that occurs within the policy period, at any time (even after the policy period) should the claim only become apparent at a later stage.

This iTOO offering means you’re covered for a claim lodged against you at any time, as long as the incident took place within the policy period. It’s just another way we’re always thinking ahead, so you never need to look back.

How to get cover

All iTOO business has to be done via independent brokers so please ask your broker to contact us if you would like to get a quote for your Events Liability cover. If you do not have a broker and would like us to recommend possible FAIS registered brokers trained in our products, please fill in your details on our Find a Broker page. If you are a broker and would like more detail about our cover, please contact one of our product experts, whose details can be found here.

Forms & Downloads

Once off Events Liability Proposal Form

For entities which want liability cover for a single event or short period.

Annual Events Liability Proposal Form

For entities which want liability cover for numerous events over the course of a year.

How to claim

You’re in the hands of an expert. You can always be assured of quick turn-around times and world-class technical knowledge. AND, we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Simply send us an email detailing your claim and our claims department will contact you for specific details.

086 100 4866 or

Event Liability Contacts


I need to submit or lodge a claim, what do I do?

Simply notify our claims department by sending an email that describes your claim. Our team will get back to you for more specific details.

Is it best to notify iTOO if something has happened at an event, even if there have been no claims?

Yes, it’s always best to notify us of any event that could potentially lead to a claim.

How much does Event Cover cost?

It depends on the amount of cover required, the nature of the event, the number of attendees and the number of days.  The premium ranges from R 4000 upwards.

Do you cover the set up and tear down of an event?

Yes, both the set up and the dismantling of an event are covered provided these dates are included in the cover requested.

What type of events can be covered?

We cover any event from a wedding to a music festival.

What does product liability cover?

This covers products sold or provided at an event from crafts at a market to t-shirts sold at a concert. Food and drink are automatically included as part of the cover provided.