At iTOO our experts can structure cover to specifically suit you and your industry needs.

By working together with your professional association or body we take the time to fully understand your unique risks and possible liabilities. Our specialists can structure a Scheme, a Binder or an Outsourced agreement so as to provide those members where risks are homogeneous, processes consistent and you our brokers are able to manage the underwriting functions from start to finish. iTOO Schemes, Binders or Outsourced agreements means access to the best expert cover, tailored to your industry and associations requirements and needs.

Why get your Schemes covered by iTOO?

Designed with your industry leaders to give you access to market leading expertise and service.

Our experts take the time to understand your industry, its needs, risks and by working together with industry associations and bodies before designing a bespoke package. As cover is consistent for all members, it makes administration easy, affordable and streamlined.

We are different

More and more industry bodies choose to partner with us to customise a comprehensive solution.

We currently service over 100 schemes and binders tailored to niche, homogeneous bodies. By working together to negotiate policy wordings, bespoke proposal forms and agreed processes as well as premiums and rates, we can facilitate specialist cover that’s easily accessible to all members.

Schemes Contacts

Application Process

A detailed due diligence would be required prior to any Scheme, Binder or Outsourced agreement is entered into. This would entail a review of brokers expertise in managing and running the facility, premium volumes and internal system capabilities.