Kidnap & Ransom

High net worth recreational and business travellers understand that Kidnap and Ransom Cover is the most important start to an international itinerary.

As evolving forms of criminality continue to pose a threat around the globe, particularly in countries like Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa, more and more companies and individuals are considering a single, but widely comprehensive solution. At iTOO we’ve designed one policy to offer you cover for more than 20 events anywhere in the world. That’s peace of mind in any language.

Why get your Kidnap & Ransom covered by iTOO?

Leading expertise instantly at your service, no matter where you find yourself on the globe.

As business continues to stretch across continents, companies find themselves with operations in many of the most volatile parts of the world. Which is why it’s critical to ensure you have access to experts who are positioned to offer you the foremost technical expertise and service at the most critical times.

iTOO’s Kidnap and Ransom Cover assures you of protection against financial loss in over 20 events as well as direct access to the Unity Advisory Group and On Call International as both your consultants and service providers. This means a 24/7 Crisis Hotline connecting you to full-time professionals offering over 39 years of experience and over 1500 successful operations in this very particular and treacherous field. 

With iTOO’s Kidnap and Ransom Cover you are covered for:

  • Kidnapping
  • Ransom
  • Hijacking
  • Home Invasion
  • Workplace Violence
  • Product Extortion
  • Virtual Kidnapping
  • Express Kidnapping
  • Stalking
  • Threat
  • Disappearance
  • Detention
  • Political and Natural Catastrophe Evacuation

We are different

At iTOO we offer direct access to the Unity Advisory Group, who, together with On Call International, means, unlike our competitors, you are also covered for political and natural catastrophe evacuation as part of this single, but extensive policy. With experience in over 356 African cases, and over 1500 successful operations in over 80 countries, our specialists know how to handle the most intricate situations. Complimentary access to our unique Security Information Portal, means you can stay up to date with current issues and important alerts including…

  • Trip and security reports for 180+ countries and 400+ cities.
  • Daily alerts, advisories and an information bulletin.
  • Additional resources including podcasts, white papers and direct access to a global research and analysis team.


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Forms & Downloads

Corporate Kidnap & Ransom

For companies operating internationally and in unstable regions. Overseas employees, business travelers, expatriates and their families can be exposed to high risks varying by country.

Family Kidnap & Ransom

For families travelling internationally or to unstable regions and those living in high risk countries. Overseas travel, expatriates and their families can be exposed to high risks varying by country.


Multinationals and companies operating in high risk areas need cover for property and assets due to terrorism threats, with combined limits up to USD20,000,000.

How to claim

You’re in the hands of an expert so you can always be assured of professionalism, quick turnaround times and world-class technical knowledge. We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. Simply send us an email detailing your claim and our claims department will contact you for specific details.

Our emergency incident response hotline is available 24/7 on:

086 100 4866 or

Kidnap & Ransom Contacts


How much is Kidnap and Ransom Cover?

To ensure we can provide you with the very best terms, we require a fully completed proposal form, whereupon one of our specialists will customise a solution specific to your needs and risks.

Is Kidnap and Ransom Cover required?

Although it’s not mandatory, due to the growing risk of international business and travel, it is a highly recommended cover.

Who is this cover for?

Any company with employees either travelling to, or based in, overseas countries particularly Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa.  This includes high profile companies and high net worth individuals.

Crisis Hotline

Immediately contact our Crisis Hotline in the event of a claim/incident. The sooner we have all the relevant information, the quicker our expert consultants can respond.

Tel: +1 410-571-2628