Art and collectables are a fast growing asset class around the world.

Representing years of value that could diminish in a matter of seconds, it’s critical to take the time to insure with an expert who understands the length and breadth of the industry. Damage, an increasing rise in cultural crime and forgery can translate to serious loss in terms of your appreciating works and collectables.

If you’re a commercial dealer or collector of appreciating assets, or a specialist storage or transport facility, you need to speak to us because iTOO Artinsure is the only insurance provider that understands the value of art and collectables as much as you do, because our business has been built by collectors.

Why iTOO Artinsure?

Service that comes from a love of what we cover. Expertise that translates to value.

Our specialists are the first to market uniquely designed cover, tailored to collectors and the commercial entities that service them.


We understand that from auction houses to dealers, accidental damage or theft of stock, will affect your business functionality, which is precisely why our product is specially designed to protect your bottom line. The option of including transit, forgery and defective title cover offers further protection.


We are collectors and share the same passion and understanding, which is reflected in our highly specialised policies. These treasured items, in a private collection, on exhibition, at a museum or a company’s premises require agreed value-bespoke cover that includes theft or damage along with cover options to include transits, forgery or cover for whilst they’re entrusted to a third party. Our team of experts will ensure they never lose their true value.

By combining our passion and expertise in art-related assets and insurance – together with our excellent global networks in both – we have a complete and unique understanding of this specialist asset class.

Art Theft Register

The Art Theft Register is a comprehensive database of stolen South African artworks

Visit the Art Theft Register.

Find a Valuer

Find an expert to value your artwork

Although we don’t value the works ourselves, we have a panel of independent appraisers covering a comprehensive and extensive range of collectables. Please contact us to find your nearest appraiser.

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We are different

Our art insurance specialists really get the art world.

So at iTOO Artinsure we ensure that we agree on the basis of a settlement upfront, keeping things easy and transparent.

How to get cover

All Artinsure business has to be done via independent brokers so please ask your broker to contact us if you would like to get a quote for your art, collectables or photographic equipment. If you do not have a broker and would like us to recommend possible FAIS registered brokers trained in our products, please fill in your details on our Find a Broker page. If you are a broker and would like more detail about our cover, please contact one of our product experts, whose details can be found here.

How to claim

Simply contact your broker as soon as possible as this could make all the difference in the chances of recovering stolen works or restoring water damage before it becomes permanent. You can also send us an email detailing your claim and our claims department will contact your broker for specific details.

You’re in the hands of an expert. You can always be assured of professionalism, quick turnaround times and world-class technical knowledge. We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

086 1111 096 or

Art Contacts


Do we have to deal with you through a broker?

In order to comply with regulatory requirements you need to deal with us through a FAIS accredited insurance broker. If you do not have a broker we can introduce you to a local one competent in our products.

Why do artworks, collectables and valuables need to be separately insured?

It is likely that standard asset insurance policies are not sufficient to respond adequately to appreciating assets such as art, collectables and valuables collections if lost, stolen or damaged. Works of art, collectables and valuables are unique and therefore irreplaceable. Even where professional restoration is possible, damage to any item may devalue it. By taking advantage of Artinsure’s specialised products, collectors can ensure that their financial interests in their appreciating assets are fully protected.

How do you get valuations for artworks, collectables and valuables?

Although we don’t value the works ourselves, we have a panel of independent appraisers covering a comprehensive and extensive range of collectables. The valuer charges a separate fee which is for the client’s own account.

Is there a minimum sum insured?

No, but we do apply minimum premiums.

What commissions and fees are there?

All premiums quoted contain a 20% commission payable to the broker with the exception of Classic Cars which is a 12.5% commission. We do not charge fees in addition. Brokers with whom we deal may charge additional fees which must be disclosed to you.

What do we do if the client has a claim?

Our claims process is our expertise. Let us know as soon as possible (the earlier the better to minimise loss) and we will manage the process with the key aim of making this a smooth process that returns your client to the same financial position they were in prior to the claim.