for SMEs

Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy.

But, as every entrepreneur knows, nothing great comes easy. Which is why we believe that after months and months of hands-on, building up your business, it’s time something did. iTOO’s SureThing is the first of its kind, all-in-one, third-party liability cover. Protection designed by industry-leading experts who understand how small businesses work. So you can keep your hands on the steering wheel knowing that our hands-on experts have mapped out the details.

Why get all-in-one liability cover with iTOO?

Service defined by excellence. Industry-leading expertise defined by your business needs.

iTOO’s SureThing is South Africa’s first and only all-in-one, all-risk, third-party legal liability policy. Expertly tailored to meet the needs of small businesses who usually have to price-pick the cover they can afford, risking the ones they can’t. If you’re a business with turnover, revenue or fees less than R20m, employing 20 individuals or less, this cover is the SureThing for you.

SureThing provides cover for:

  • Public liability
  • Product liability
  • Defective workmanship
  • Care, custody and control
  • Defamation
  • Pollution
  • Employment practices liability
  • Excess motor liability
  • Employers liability
  • Cyber liability
  • Directors & Officers liability
  • Professional indemnity liability

We are different

Our experts have looked at liability cover through the lens of small business needs, and created a product that considers the current and future issues facing our country and economy, issues that can ruin any size business.

Our unique, all-in-one liability cover includes important aspects; from POPIA regulatory enquiry legal costs and assistance, to workplace vaccine disputes and business conduct representation. And, regardless of the claim alleging liability, SureThing covers your legal defence costs, paying out to the policy limits. This first-of-its-kind policy takes care of the gaps left by exclusions – like bodily injury and property damage – making it the one cover you need at a premium you can afford.

How to get cover

All iTOO cover has to be acquired via independent brokers, so please ask your broker to contact us if you would like to get a quote for iTOO’s SureThing cover. If you do not have a broker and would like us to recommend possible FAIS-registered brokers trained in our products, please fill in your details on our  page. If you are a broker and would like more detail about our cover, please contact one of our product experts, whose details can be found here.

iTOO SureThing

SA’s first and only all-in-one, all-risk third-party legal liability policy for small businesses. All the cover you need, all wrapped up in one.

Forms & Downloads

SureThing Brochure

Make all-in-one, all-risk legal liability cover a SureThing with iTOO.

SureThing Broker Playbook

A step-by step guide to putting SureThing to work for you!

How to claim

You’re in the hands of an expert. You can always be assured of professionalism, quick turnaround times and world-class technical knowledge. We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. Simply send us an email detailing your claim within 30 days and our claims department will contact you for specific details. Please make sure you have your policy number on hand.

Please send an email to

SureThing (for SMEs) Contacts


Is Cyber liability covered?

Yes cyber liability is indeed covered. Wherein the third party liability portion of this is covered. Which means that claims for third party data loss and breach of privacy are covered. But business interruption and forensic costs are not included in the policy cover.

What about medical malpractice?

Incidental medical malpractice (first aid) is included, but we don’t provide Medical Malpractice for healthcare professionals.

Are unfair dismissals covered?


Are workplace vaccine disputes covered?

Legal representation costs for a dispute are covered up to the sub-limit of R250 000.

What about regulatory enquiries, for example, an enquiry brought by the POPIA regulator?

The policy will provide the costs for legal representation to assist, up to the sub-limit of R250 000.

If the business must appear before any tribunal or regulatory body for contravening a law, will the policy provide legal defence costs?

Yes, up to the sub-limit of R250 000, provided the enquiry or hearing arises directly out of the conduct of the business.

Does the iTOO SureThing cover business debts?

The SureThing policy does not cover business debts. It covers legal liability arising from a wrongful act on the part of the business – not debts incurred as part of commercial transactions.

What if my business suffers a loss without there being a liability?

SureThing does not cover the business’s own loss, or first-party loss. It only covers liability to third parties arising from a wrongful act.

What about commercial crime or staff theft?

Commercial crime and staff theft are considered first-party losses suffered by the business, not a third-party liability. As such, this policy does not cover these.

Is Product Inefficacy and Product Recall covered?

If your product does not do what it is supposed to or fails, and a pure financial loss is caused, there is no cover. Product Recall is also not covered.

What about the renewal of the policy?

This policy auto renews each year at the same policy terms and conditions, unless there is a claim, or the business no longer falls within the criteria and does not qualify for the policy. An inflationary increase in premium may be applied on 30 days’ notice.