ITOO Artinsure

The art world is truly global and extremely active as collectibles continue to emerge as an important asset class that provides diversity and excellent returns.

ITOO Artinsure insures a range of assets against accidental damage, theft and transit risks – including memorabilia, gold, photographic equipment, antiques, delicate equipment, stamp collections and a whole lot more.

We also insure the dealers, galleries, museums and specialist storage locations that house collections.

Policy triggers

  • Loss, theft or damage to artworks or collectibles, whether the items are on your premises, in transit or entrusted to third parties

Benefits and extensions:

  • Full theft
  • Full accidental damage
  • Defective Title
  • Forgery
  • Death of an artist
  • Automatic acquisition cover
  • Depreciation
  • Exhibitions

Claim examples:

  • An artwork gets irreparably damaged in your reception
  • You drop your camera lens and it gets damaged
  • Your stamp collection gets destroyed in a fire
  • Your antique Persian carpet gets stolen

Capacity: R200 million

Required: Proposal form and valuation certificates