Broadform Liability

Broadform liability insurance protects the insured’s company against claims by third parties for bodily injury or property damage as a result of the insured’s business activities. This includes liability for products manufactured, supplied or distributed, as well as for sudden and accidental pollution damage and defective workmanship. We offer public and product liability cover for the following:

  • Property damage and bodily injury (including mental anguish)
  • Defective workmanship and product design
  • Sudden and unexpected pollution damage
  • Products manufactured, supplied or distributed
  • Negligent product-related advice

We offer policy extensions such as:

  • Inefficacy
  • Errors and omissions
  • Pure financial loss
  • Product recall
  • Advertising liability
  • Care, custody and control
  • Warehousing and carriers liability
  • Contractors liability

ITOO’s broadform liability insurance includes cover for top-notch legal representation and claims preparation expenses.

Claim examples:

  • Flooding caused by bathroom mixers or taps either not fitted properly, leaking or left open
  • Customers tripping and falling off ramps and stairs
  • Goods stolen after the insured negligently leaves premises open
  • Waste effluent, rather than being pumped down the correct drain, is instead pumped into fuel tanks, causing machinery to stop and production to halt

Melita Thurling

Melita is an admitted attorney and holds a BA LLB from Wits University. She practised at Deneys Reitz (now Norton Rose Fulbright) for eight years as a partner in the insurance litigation division before joining Hollard as Group legal counsel. She has completed the Executive Development Programme at Wits Business School, qualified as a certified compliance professional and served on the Hollard board audit committee, various SAIA and ISASA legal and compliance committees as well as the FSB task team for drafting of the binder regulations.

Melita spent three years setting up the Hollard liaison office in Delhi and building a platform for Hollard's insurance aspirations in India.

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Capacity: R500 million

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