ITOO has introduced South Africa’s first fully comprehensive environmental product that covers both gradual and sudden incidents. The policy covers static risks and goods in transit, and includes gradual pollution cover for existing conditions.

Our policy is ideal for filling stations, pipelines, mine-related infrastructure, waste facilities, oil and gas installations, chemical manufacturing and processing facilities, hazardous goods storage facilities, harbours and airports, depots, fuel farms, power stations and the like. We specialise in developing unique solutions for our clients’ needs, and have even covered nuclear medical equipment.

The policy covers:

  • Emergency response
  • Legal defence costs
  • Clean-up costs
  • Legal liability for damages
  • Ecological restoration costs
  • Increased costs of working
  • Third party bodily harm and injury

Although we are always innovating new products, our current products include:

  • Tanksafe: Environmental liability for petrol stations, small to medium chemical plants, etc.
  • Trucksafe: Environmental liability clean-up costs in respect of hazardous or non-hazardous goods in transit
  • Sitesafe: Tailored environmental liability policies for large risks, e.g. landfill sites, mines, chemical plants and pipelines

James Brice

James has 22 years’ experience in environmental risk, and was previously head of environmental risk at Marsh and head of Sustainability Advisory at Grant Thornton. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering, with a Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and a PMD from GIBS.


082 492 0625

Capacity: R50 million each and every and R175 million in the annual aggregate

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