Drone & Unmanned Aviation

ITOO offers unique, comprehensive drone insurance designed specifically to cover drones in business and commercial use. Our drone insurance covers loss, damage and liability related to the drone itself, as well as premises, hangarkeepers and product liability. You can also insure against loss of data collected by your drone.

As a business or commercial drone operator, you also need cover to protect you from any liability that might arise as a result of using your drone. Our drone liability insurance covers you in the event of claims for:

  • Accidental third party injury or death
  • Accidental damage to someone else’s property
  • Damage to goods or products that form part of your drone, or are used in conjunction with your drone
  • Damage to someone else’s drone while in your custody

We also offer a number of optional cover extensions, including:

  • Personal accident
  • Cyber cover
  • Hull war extension

Who we insure

ITOO will only insure registered drones that are operated by qualified drone pilots. In this way we are able to minimise our clients’ risk and keep premiums to a minimum.

Don’t meet the criteria?

Never fear. Working with one of SA’s leading pilot training schools, and through our relationship with the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), we can help you to get licensed, registered, insured and up in the air!

Claim examples:

  • A drone crashes
  • A drone pilot negligently damages property or injures somebody
  • A drone pilot is injured while operating an insured drone

Ruan Prinsloo


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Capacity: R2.5 million (hull & payload)/R20 million (aviation liability)

Required: Proposal form and remote pilot’s licence (RPL)