Every major event organiser understands the planning, logistics and effort it takes to facilitate a successful event.

Today, everything from the weather to politics, makes cancellation and abandonment a possibility you need to plan for. No matter how well-oiled an event is, unforeseen circumstances can diminish your profits and possibly destroy your reputation. When a radical turn of events comes your way, let an industry-leading expert steer you to a complete solution.

Why get your Contingency covered by iTOO?

Service and expertise that protects your revenue and covers your expenses to ensure your peace of mind.

At iTOO, our specialists recognise the enormous financial outlay from production and event organisations, sponsors and promoters. Which is why we have tailored a solution to not only cover your bottom line, but also your expenses against a range of eventualities.

From concerts and festivals, to theatrical productions, conferences, conventions, major sporting events, trade shows, fairs and product launches; iTOO’s Contingency Insurance should be first and foremost on your planning schedule.

iTOO’s Contingency Insurance covers you should an event be cancelled, abandoned, interrupted, postponed or relocated for reasons beyond your control, including:

  • adverse weather like storms, torrential rain or flooding
  • fires
  • unavailability of essential services
  • acts or threats of terrorism and cyber attacks
  • outbreaks of communicable disease
  • labour strikes or civil commotion
  • national mourning
  • non- appearance of a person key to an event

With iTOO our policy not only covers these scenarios, but includes any reasonably incurred mitigation costs as a result of preventing the cancellation, abandonment, interruption, postponement, curtailment or relocation of an event.

We are different

It’s looking beyond today that means your next event will too.

Not only do we cover your event worldwide, but our specialists understand global economic and social tides, offering extensions beyond the norm, including terrorism and civil commotion.

Forms & Downloads

Contingency Cancellation and Non-appearance

This is the form that needs to be completed when an event is cancelled, abandoned, postponed, interrupted or relocated for reasons beyond your control

How to claim

You’re in the hands of an expert. You can always be assured of professionalism, quick turnaround times and world-class technical knowledge. We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. Simply send us an email detailing your claim and our claims department will contact you for specific details.

Our emergency incident response hotline is available on:

086 100 4866 or

Contingency Contacts


Can I cover profits/revenue?

Yes but you need to select one, it’s either profits or revenue, we don’t offer cover for both.

Do you offer cover if no-one can get to the event because of a circumstance beyond the organiser’s control?

Yes we fully cover unforeseen circumstances from bad weather to civil unrest.

Can I come the day before for a quote?

Unfortunately not, we need to quote at least 14 days in advance.

Is there anything specific I as a broker or client need to know or do before getting cover?

To give you a quote, we require the following information:

  • Details of the event;
  • Details of the expense budget;
  • Key contracts; and
  • Your refund policy

Please note that we won’t cover the expenses if the event would have made a loss, the insured should not be in a better position than if the event had gone ahead.