World Wetlands Day


The theme for this year’s World Wetlands Day being held on the 2nd February 2024, is ‘Wetlands and Human Wellbeing’. The theme recognises wetlands as critical to people and nature, underscoring the intrinsic value of wetland ecosystems and their benefits and services, including contributions to sustainable development and human wellbeing.

We asked one of our own iTOOers, Wayne Griffiths, what wetlands mean to him as an avid photographer, and this is what he said…

“South Africa has a diverse environment ranging from bushveld, natural forests, mountains, coastal landscapes and expanses of wetlands. Each offering a unique habitat for the fauna and flora, providing a diverse biological environment that plays an important role in the natural biosphere. Wetlands is defined as an area that is usually saturated with water, this often forms shallow pools for a variety of wading birds as well as providing a natural water source for a range of wildlife. There are 23 recognized wetlands within South Africa ranging from coastal environments acting as a natural buffer for storms to inland wetlands that often play a role in natural water filtration to help mitigate against pollutants.  From a photographic aspect, wetlands provide an opportunity to photograph a multitude of bird species and small mammals in their typical habitat, often from hides that have been set-up to conceal photographers and allow a less intrusive interaction. This results in a more natural behavior from the various creatures, especially those of a more shy and wary disposition. Like all nature photography, patience is key as is often the need to return to the same location on multiple occasions. Wetlands provide a varied habitat but even if the photographic opportunities do not present themselves, it’s important to just sit back, relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.”

At iTOO, our Environmental Liability mission is to provide the most impactful environmental clean-up solutions to ensure the longevity of our natural environment and take care of our earth on the same frequency that it takes care of us.

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At iTOO we care about protecting our Wetlands and ALL the life that thrives from the heart of it.


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