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Kidnap Trends

The coronavirus pandemic has had potentially destructive consequences for countries in the developing world, especially those struggling with insecurity. The question of whether COVID-19 has a dramatic effect on crime and conflict in 2021 may be too soon to tell, but the long-term implications of unemployment growth combined with a reduction in real incomes is expected to engender social, economic and political upheaval, which will benefit organized crime and enable armed groups seeking to exploit sources of tension, increase recruitment and win popular support.

Running Fortinet VPN – Please take note

In late 2020 a hacker posted exploits for almost 50 000 vulnerable Fortinet VPN’s. iTOO’s incident triage and digital forensic partner...

15 February 2021

iTOO Loves Brokers. What Do You Love?

It’s that time of year again! Love is in the air and people everywhere anxiously await hearing those three...

11 February 2021

Africa: Top Risks for February 2021

In February, pandemic-induced socio-economic grievances will spill over in cities across the Middle East and Africa, particularly in Malawi, Sudan...

5 February 2021