Kidnap Trends

The coronavirus pandemic has had potentially destructive consequences for countries in the developing world, especially those struggling with insecurity. The question of whether COVID-19 has a dramatic effect on crime and conflict in 2021 may be too soon to tell, but the long-term implications of unemployment growth combined with a reduction in real incomes is expected to engender social, economic and political upheaval, which will benefit organized crime and enable armed groups seeking to exploit sources of tension, increase recruitment and win popular support.

Understanding the different types of cyberbullying to create safer online spaces

Despite the countless benefits that technology brings to our daily lives, the digital age also has a dark side, enabling...

15 May 2024

The Reality of Cyberbullying in South Africa – Trends, Warning Signs and Consequences

The rise of social media and digital communication channels has facilitated the spread of cyberbullying, with platforms such as Facebook...

14 March 2024

iTOO unveils new ‘game-changing’ aviation launch into South Africa

iTOO Special Risks has unveiled the launch of its aviation insurance offering – which it describes as a game-changer for the...

14 March 2024