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If you’re an industry professional who gives advice in your area of expertise, as a business or individual, whether you are an accountant, architect or IT whizz, and anyone in between, you need specialist cover against third party claims. iTOO’s Professional Indemnity cover is tailored to suit your needs and distinct profession.

Attorney and Lead partner in the construction and insurance law teams, Richard Hoal of Cox Yeat and iTOO’s PI product expert Fiso Thusini discuss the importance of Professional Indemnity cover as well as contracts and limitation of liability within the built environment space. For all this and more, Click link below:


Whenever you seek medical treatment from a qualified medical practitioner for a physical ailment or injury you expect the best health treatment trusting that the practitioner possesses all the knowledge, resources, and skills to bring relief to your condition.

Cases of medical malpractice have become a growing concern, caused by situations a healthcare professional or provider neglects to provide appropriate treatment, omits to take appointment action, gives substandard treatment that causes harm or even a misdiagnosis, which often leads to injury, death to a patient and etc. If a medical practitioner fails to provide appropriate care this may result in a cause of action of negligence against the doctor.

Why do patients sue? what measures should medical practitioners take when facing a lawsuit? Webber Wentzel’s Sandra Sithole and Justin Malherbe have the answers for you. Click Link below:


In a world of professionals, all in their respective fields, a risk can arise at any moment irrespective of the professional’s experience. Some industries pose a higher risk than others, but it is advisable for all professionals who offer professional advice to have PI cover.

Professional Indemnity has multiple proposal forms for different professions, such as the built environment proposal form which covers : Architect, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors etc.

iTOO experts, Fiso Thusini and Kamini Shanmugam discuss Built environment proposal form to assists brokers understand, what certain information means at the claims stage, some notable claims within this sector and some of the challenges and trends we are seeing. Click link below:


“The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.” This is a powerful quote by American theologian, Leonard I Sweet, reminding us that the future is in our hands, we have both the power to create or destroy.

Over the past few years, we’ve had a front row seat to a global pandemic which claimed the lives of thousands, an ongoing war between Russia and the Ukraine, rising inflation rates, heavy floods in various parts of the world due to global warming and so much more, this has caused global panic and anxiety leaving many wondering, what’s next?

Scenario planner and Futurologist Clem Sunter believes when we think about the future, we have to look around us. It’s not just about having great thoughts from within about what can happen; it’s really trying to observe what’s happening around the world and projecting that into the future,

Using tips from his book Thinking the future, Sunter discusses several flags which will result in unfavorable scenarios that could playout on the world stage in 2022. Click link below:

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