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Art & Collectables : Collectors Market Update since Lockdown

During the Covid-19 Pandemic Artists, Collectors, museums, auction houses were all compelled to re-strategize methods on how to communicate, showcase and sell their art with their audiences. This led to new models in viewing and acquiring art. Head of iTOO Art and Collectables Gail Bosch alongside Senior art specialist Dr Alastair Meredith assess the recent developments within the art scene and how the pandemic affected the appreciation of assets.

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Inflation Risk for Liability Underwriters

The increase in inflation affected many all over the world, market expectations predict inflation rates are likely to remain higher over the near term.

We take a look at how inflation affects claims-related losses and insurance costs, especially for businesses. Swiss Re’s Senior Treaty Underwriter, Zaid Bhana, also discusses the rising litigation costs and their impact on claim pay-outs, loss ratios, and ultimately, how much policyholders pay for coverage.

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Emerging Risks & External Threats in Africa: Required Reponses New Opportunities

The continent of Africa is known for its rich natural resources which presents large investment opportunities, Analysis predict it is becoming a new centre of the global economic growth.

Director of the Academy of Business Futures at Cadena Growth Partners Professor Lyal White joined by the Head of iTOO Africa Dale Sutton-Pryce examine the recent past and prospective developments for sub-Saharan African countries also highlighting possible trends of business development and ways to encourage Africans to invest in Africa. Click link below:

ESG Risks for Directors & Officers

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) obstacles are increasing and becoming ever more important for boards of directors and the companies they serve. The intention is evaluate the extent to which a company works on behalf of social goals that extend the role of a corporation to maximize profits on behalf of the corporation’s shareholders

ESG expert Matthius Gerber explores the ESG risks, opportunities, disputes and litigation on Directors and officers. Click link below:

Understanding the different types of cyberbullying to create safer online spaces

Despite the countless benefits that technology brings to our daily lives, the digital age also has a dark side, enabling...

15 May 2024

The Reality of Cyberbullying in South Africa – Trends, Warning Signs and Consequences

The rise of social media and digital communication channels has facilitated the spread of cyberbullying, with platforms such as Facebook...

14 March 2024

iTOO unveils new ‘game-changing’ aviation launch into South Africa

iTOO Special Risks has unveiled the launch of its aviation insurance offering – which it describes as a game-changer for the...

14 March 2024