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iTOOsday February 2020TOO Recap

iTOOsday webinars give brokers a better understanding and technical expertise on iTOO’s products. So as the month comes to an end, we thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the iTOOsday sessions that we hosted throughout the month of February.

If Hindsight is 2020, Then Foresight must be 2020TOO

Naturally, our very first iTOOsday of 2022 had to include renowned speaker and futurist Pieter Geldenhys, who is also the Director at Institute for Technology Strategy and Innovation.

After a turbulent past two years, one may think; Is it possible to predict or foresee upcoming trends? The answer is YES! However, in the words of Pieter, “What we have seen in Covid is nothing that compares to the trends that await us in years to come”.

From rapid changes in demographics and the impact of this on geopolitics, to the restructuring of global economies and the ever-evolving world of technology – expert Pieter Geldenhys speaks to it all in this exciting and thought-provoking iTOOsday session.

William Gibson once said, “The future has already happened, it is just unequally distributed”.
Watch the video below to discover where we stand NOW and to see where we are heading:

Product Liability with Warren Hiepner

Exploding smartphones, self-combusting SUVs and defective airbags have all recently featured in the news.

It is no secret that damages resulting from faulty products have the potential to harm a company’s reputation.

As no person is perfect, there is always potential for product imperfection, or even failure. So, whether or not you need Product Liability insurance should not even be a question.

Are you liable for a faulty or defective product? Where would your liability lie? What exactly is the extent of your liability?

Click on the link below to join Clyde & Co’s Warren Hiepner as he talks us through product liability law in South Africa, the typical structure of and meaning behind Product Liability Cover wordings, provides insightful case examples of both local and international organizations and ends off with a few quick tips to assist in managing your risk.


Commercial Crime Claims

Webber Wentzel’s Lisa Swaine and Africa Frontier Risks’ Stephen Bell join us in this iTOOsday to discussing Commercial Crime insurance, as well as the contentious aspects that are encountered at claims stage.

Learn through real-life examples, who bears the onus of proof, what is the difference between intent versus negligence, how does direct financial loss differ from legal liability, what are the various forms that collusion can take?

It is crucial to keep informed because more often than not, commercial crime is a question of “When” and not “If”.

Can you say with 100% certainty that you are doing your best to manage the risk?

[Recording not available for this session.]

Medical Malpractice Litigation and Claims Quantum 

Not only is the number of medical malpractice claims on the rise, but so are the amounts in damages being sought after and awarded.

Why is this so? Clyde & Co’s Wim Cilliers and Erin Carlson have the answer to this question.

From the 2014/2015 financial year to the 2019/2020 financial year, there has been an R86.4bn rise in contingent liability for medical negligent claims. How do the amounts being claimed differ to the compensation actually being awarded?

No case is the same, especially when it comes to general, non-patrimonial damages that rely on judgement calls. Directly from the experts, learn about what exactly the courts rely on when it comes to judicating on matters involving emotional shock and trauma. Are these claims the cause for an increase in the number of medical malpractice claims?

How should our Private and Public Health Sectors go about dealing with and managing the increased volume in the quantum and volume of these claims? Click on the link below:

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