iTOO on the Road – shot left across South Africa’s major cities

One of the things we have missed over the last two years is being able to physically connect with our brokers and employees. We saw the value of networking, teaching, and engaging with brokers about our products, and most importantly sharing ideas and collaborating for the success of the entire iTOO ecosystem.

During the month of May, we took a shot left into our South African major cities, Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. Where we strutted our #iTOOonTour Kombi and delivered our #Expert presentations on some of our famous iTOO products.

Building Relationships

We are passionate about our broker network and are committed to empowering them with tools that will help them understand our products and develop tailor-made solutions to our end clients. We partner with over 650 brokers countrywide and are always available nationwide and in selected African regions 24/7/365. The team is pleased to have been able to connect with over 550 brokers on this tour, this equates to about 85% of our broker network.

Feedback from some of the Roadshow attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Jessica Carpenter, Account Executive at Price Forbes was thrilled to have an opportunity to meet the iTOO team, she further added that she found the event to be beneficial for brand awareness and networking. Not only did the event help us reconnect with brokers, we also had the opportunity to introduce new products and communicate our response to current market needs.

Specialty Insurance for Specialised Risks – a real need in South Africa

Justin Naylor, our Managing Director, reiterated the need for specialty insurance in the South African market.  Increasing cyber-attacks, the appreciating value of collectible wine, art, watches, and whisky, are some of the factors he high

lighted as market factors driving increasing need for specialty insurance. The rising number of kidnappings in South Africa, a tough economic climate are also some of the factors that are seen to be disrupting the specialty insurance market.

Being a future-focused business, we see these challenges as an opportunity to deliver the best products to our customer’s complex and growing needs, concluded Naylor.

To hear from our MD, Justin Naylor, connect with him on LinkedIn, or follow him on Facebook.


Cheers from the iTOOonTour team!

Our roadshows were a vibe and enjoyed networking and interacting with our beloved brokers and colleagues nationwide. Our famous Gin Bar made sure to keep the Expert Cocktails flowing.

A very big thank you to the iTOO team for organizing such a successful Roadshow. We look forward to more networking opportunities in the not-too-distant future.

Highlights from the Tour:

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