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Go Big or go Home: The Giant Pumpkin Festival

Feature Image Source: Mossel Bay Advertisers

The Giant Pumpkin Festival is a popular calendar event in the Hessequa region, in Heidelberg, Western Cape. This competition calls on pumpkin growers, farmers and gardeners to see who can harvest the heaviest and most enormous pumpkin.

This one-of-a-kind competition which attempts to break the record for the largest pumpkin in South Africa, was an eventful one in 2021 after a vegetable grown outside Willem le Grange’s Mossel Bay home became a record-breaker after weighing in at a massive 867.5kg.

Image source: Mossel Bay Advertisers

A new South African record was set with this monster of a Pumpkin, and Le Grange won the first prize of R17,500 and an additional R50,000 for breaking the SA record at the Giant Pumpkin Festival.

With the big prizes up for grabs, as iTOO we were thrilled to be part of this great event as the insurers of the SA record, and accordingly paid out the R50,000 for the record breaking pumpkin.

“The range of insurance coverage available is as wide as the variety of things people value and achieve, and a competition such as this one requires equally a unique underwriting approach to cover a range of factors that can influence the outcome,” says Greg Dillon – iTOO Lead for Sports, Events and Drones.

Not all competitions can be covered, but we are open to look at a variety of opportunities to provide Prize Indemnity Insurance for competitions such as, hole-in-one and putting competitions, tagged fish, online promotions or sports predictors, promotions linked to sporting achievement, contractual bonuses for athletes and teams, and even sports half time challenges and promotions, and more.

Get in touch with our  Lead for Sports, Events and Drones, Greg Dillon on  o83 661 1038 or to find out more.

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