am able
find a way
am future-focused

The meaning of ITOO
(pronounced 'eye-two')

ITOO is a special risks Underwriting Management Agency (UMA) that offers a range of niche commercial products to companies of all shapes and sizes. But that’s just what we do. What we’re about is far more interesting...

ITOO is about doing things together. It involves everyone, speaks to everyone and considers everyone.

ITOO represents a collective intelligence that’s versatile, creative, disruptive and fun. It provides answers to the enquiring mind. It celebrates difference... makes a difference... IS the difference it wants to see.

ITOO is future-focused, out-of-the-box, and always available.

The power of I = the ITOO way

I am able - I find a way - I am future-focused

I and I and I come together to form ‘we’ ... and WE do things the ITOO way